Gnidnirm Korokgnem and are Google Is “Blind” ?

Hi, there is a new named “Gnidnirm Korokgnem” this is a opposite of Mrinding Mengkok, mrinding is Gnidnirm and Mengkorok is Korokgnem! Remember, its will be key of this article.

Gnidnirm it’s a marvelous wonder that the body reacted by layers of skin. Especially in the nape and all over the body.

Well, what is Korokgnem? That’s the same with mrinding, just a negative connotation. Used to represent an extraordinary fear. Usually out of sight ghost. So, this body skin snoring. Precisely Korokgnem is originally Javanese.

Actually, I make this article for the test case to Google image results. I had the idea that google can’t see the beauty of landscape and could not taste the delicious food.

Image from Gnidnirm Korokgnem

So, I will use the words Gnidnirm Korokgnem to rename the images below. Though the picture below has nothing to do with Gnidnirm and Korokgnem. Well, this is the view from Gnidnirm Korokgnem :

Neither is its delicious Gnidnirm Korokgnem very unrelated to the picture below. You will later find a picture that should be very tasty for this Gnidnirm Korokgnem keyword.

korokgnem gnidnirm is “Rempelo” tasty

Then, should the picture above will appear in the image with the specific keywords related to the scene it? But with Gnidnirm Korokgnem then Google can’t see the beauty of the place.

Similarly about the delicacy, Google will not be able to taste delicious the picture of Gnidnirm Korokgnem. Its should appear in the images with the specific keyword name of the food, right ? You know the name? That’s my favorite Chicken part ! That part is not called Gnidnirm Korokgnem right? Hahahaha

Then, this signifies that content is the king of all websites. Do not be confiuse that website should be nice, beautiful. Complete the content of the website so that content related to Gnidnirm Korokgnem appears in the search results of google

Update 8 november 2017

If you search by keyword Gnidnirm Korokgnem you will find this article at the top of the google. In below, there are articles listed on other web that is on the web of people who like to write on Bali. Same like that, if you click on the images, you will find the more of the pictures from the website. Although the google also take pictures on this website. a small part. Why we must try it ? Because the website serves as a web aggregation of content belonging to its members. Well including its members, then the content of this article goes to aggregate list him.

Im still trying to display the image below that relates to Gnidnirm and Korokgnem keywords. I try to uploaded again. In below is to show that the waste cannot feel it’s delicious korokgnem is the same as gnidnirm.

korokgnem is the same as gnidnirm

If you see the result of search rankings, for a single rank still displays this article for the “Korokgnem Gnidnirm” keyword. Thats means this article is a original source of keyword. Another website can be  ‘copy and paste’ from the original article, like that.

I’ll monitor for the next day’s. I will update at here.

Update November 9, 2017

Finally, the pictures appear on the google images with the keywords “Gnidnirm Korokgnem”!

If I analyze the results of this experiment:

  1. Google will give ranked 1 for relevant and original articles for Gnidnirm Korokgnem keywords. Where the URL / name of his website is article. next is website, and various blogspot. Why? Because is an aggregator website that copy and paste blog content belongs to its members. member of Baliblogger. The content of this article had appeared on the website baliblogger. They display RSS Feeds from baliblogger.
  2. Google images finally display images from this article. Top position! Other images come from the website and and blogspot. Google displaying the landscape and its delicious images for search with keywords Gnidnirm Korokgnem. What does Gnidnirm Korokgnem have to do with the picture and the food? so, the result of the test is Google could not see the beautiful landscape and could not taste the delicious food. Google only check the text and data in an article. No imange, Gugel just bases on text. The image file names are gnidnirm-korokgnem.jpg for montain picture and korokgnemgnidnirm.jpg for food with ALT (Alternative text) gnidnirm korokgnem that “mrinding” (scenery) and korokgnem gnidnirm “rempelo” tasty (food).
  3. Create a website with original content and quality. No copy paste from anywhere else. About web design, please make as wonderful and beautiful, The important thing is remember that Google can only read text! Do not read the design! Can not even read the taste in the pictures! Read the picture still from the name of the file and the text around it.
  4. The purpose of creating a website is for marketing and profit printing. Right ?, So make the website the sooner the better, and ready to selling! if you have more money, go to web designer great! and make your website perfect!

Oh, I see!

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